Troy Lindberg
Troy Lindberg
Photo Novel Solecism
Physiology Human
Height 6'1
Weight 190 lbs.
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Silver
Age 19
Birth Date Zell 23
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Period
Troy Lindberg is a character that appears in Solecism. He is a member of Period.


Troy Lindberg appears in volume 2 of Solecism.

He appears, after Daivat von Lordsleigh fails to defeat Sincere, forcing him to leave the battlefield. He approaches Sincere with his sword of light, challenging him. However, in the end, he is defeated.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Blind Spot: Troy exists in the human "blind spot." Because human beings have two eyes, the optic nerve has to translate two sets of data into a single, three-dimension image. The spacing of our eyes allows for a gap in this data. Troy's natural ability affects other people's optic nerves, expanding the blind spot to accommodate his size. Over the years, he has developed a style of movement which keeps him in the blind spot.

Enhanced Senses: He is able to detect beings that are outside of time and space.

Enhanced Speed: Although it is stated that he is able to move at the Speed of Light, according to Mother Mary, the entire fight with his group and Sincere lasted 0.005 attoseconds. This would make him Faster than Light by a large margin.

Sword of Light: Troy carries a hilt that reflects and absorbs massless light energy into it, forming a sword. He himself charges it by applying high-frequency waves of energy onto it. Although it carries a heavy strain on his body, he is able to swing this sword at the speed of c. The moment he starts this, time stops. He bypasses dimensions, and his momentum becomes infinite. Although the force of his sword reaches infinity, through quantum algorithms, he is able to concentrate the g-forces into only his sword. This is to ensure that he doesn't take the universe down with a mere swing. He has trained himself to only thrust with the sword, for if he swings and misses, the infinite amount of g-forces coming from his sword may become uncontrollable, destroying the universe.