The Great Significance is an Omnipotent God that briefly appears in Heir to the Stars II.


The Great Significance is being that was unchanging, invisible and shapeless, appearing as a fluctuating void in front of Hauptstimme and Legato, just as they were about to conclude their fight. The Great Significance teleported both Hauptstimme and Legato to a neighboring Omniverse and then annihilated the entirety of the neighboring Omniverse while holding the infinite and the endless within his grasp. He then recreated it without Hauptstimme and Legato within it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Great Significance is time and space. It is the entirety of the Omniverse. It is the very efficient and material cause of its creation. Based on his own statements, he is regarded as the Almighty Lord Omnipotent. He is The Mind. He is The All. He is the master of all time and space. He is the First Cause, above The All.

Creation: It created the Omniverse.