Tessitura by ladymiralys-d8weu4c
“We have to play fair now.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars II
Physiology Imp
Height 5'4
Weight 99 lbs
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Pink
Age 30,000+
Birth Date Unknown
Status Erased
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation None
Tessitura is known as the Presence. She appears in Heir to the Stars II.


After Waltz and Tenerezza acquired the second ring of Auspicious Qualities, Aishvarya. Tessitura appeared, asking them to return the planet's treasure. However, Tenerezza denied her request, asking Waltz to stay back. It was then revealed that Tessitura possessed a flame of life that was colored black. A black flame means that one is completely protected from death. After many failed of attempts to defeat Tenerezza, Tessitura mentally warped the space of the universe to collapse it. However, in a mere attosecond, her immortality, which was beyond comprehension, was comprehended and defeated. As the Tenerezza and Tessitura appeared in another reality, Tessitura faded away into never existing at all.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tessitura is known as the Presence because there is no where in the dimensional universal space that she cannot go or be at any given point in time.

Immortality: Tessitura carries a black flame of life, meaning that she is not linked to the abstract of death.

Space-time Collapse: Tessitura can mentally warp the space of the universe to collapse it.