Nikkou Hibana
Nikkou Hibana (Awake)
“On this morning, I’ll act as God’s personal wrath upon the Earth, reigning down the divine punishment of Heaven.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars Re; Melodybind ~ Kaleidoscope
Physiology Ultimately Inapplicable
Height Ultimately Inapplicable
Weight Ultimately Inapplicable
Eye Color Ultimately Inapplicable (appears Red)
Hair Color Ultimately Inapplicable (appears Grey)
Age Ultimately Inapplicable
Birth Date Ultimately Inapplicable
Status Ultimately Inapplicable
Gender Ultimately Inapplicable
Family Irihi Fubuki Hibana (Sister),

Agito Hoyousetsu Kousoku (Sister),

Asamoya Hibana (Sister)

Love Interests Ultimately Inapplicable
Affiliation Asahi

Nikkou Hibana is a patacharacter introduced in Heir to the Stars. She is a member of Asahi. She is later awakened in Re; Melodybind ~ Kaleidoscope.


Nikkou is part of Asahi, working with them to establish a peaceful existence through the means of complete annihilation. In Heir to the Stars, she was one of the presented trials for Chris Spades. In the end, she was defeated when Chris Spades...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In Heir to the Stars:

Chris Spades describes her presence as being greater than that of Asamoya Hibana. Nikkou's abilities naturally revolve around heat and presence.

Star Generation: Nikkou can create a Black Sun that feeds her seemingly boundless power. The Black Sun completely blocks out the Sun tha is already in the sky. She can create it by mere will. 

Light Manipulation: She can command the light of the Sun at will to attack her opponents.

Dimension Immunity: She does not exist within the boundaries of any dimension.

Impassable Presence: Nikkou is at a level beyond the necessity of real speed. Chris Spades commented that her level is higher than Asamoya. 

In Re; Melodybind ~ Kaleidoscope:

- Realm Reborn Red

- Metahierarchical Paraphilosophical Swordplay

  • She is able to use her Kuronatsu to cut through Possibility, Totality, and Nothingness; completely cutting the down the actuality and potentiality of that which is forever the largest article conceptualized and imagined by any mind, and going even deeper, transcending and slashing down that which cannot even be imagined and conceptualized by any mind – the very essence of a patacharacter (with Realm Reborn Red).
  • She is able to slash down the origin of all definitions where absolutely anything is possible, turning a target into a simple impossibility within the context of the Story / Plot / Verse.
  • It is impossible to evade, counter, deny or confront an attack from Nikkou Hibana and her Kuronatsu.
  • Her capabilities, combined with Realm Reborn Red makes it that she can slay a fully transcendent patacharacter. With her blade, she can remove a patacharacter using Realm Reborn Red from the contents of the Verse/Story/Plot in which they are written in. The very aspect of the target’s patacharacter from outside of the story / patacharacter from inside of the story that was ever conceived was never conceived, and thus the target is a complete impossibility beyond the realms of the initial effect.
  • Before the Unwritten Page, where existence and nonexistence – possibility and nothing were not of potentiality, uncertainty, unknown or actuality, she can remove a target even from the contents of the metaparatransabsolute unreachable, and the mere thought the Kuronatsu blade can cut down any target.

Nikkou Hibana possesses:

0. Nonfictional Omnipotence, Transfictional Omnipotence, Fanfictional Omnipotence, Metafictional Omnipotence, Patafictional Omnipotence, Interfictional Omnipotence, Personal fictional Omnipotence, and Impersonal fictional Omnipotence.

1. Nonfictional Omnipresence, Transfictional Omnipresence, Fanfictional Omnipresence, Metafictional Omnipresence, Patafictional Omnipresence, Interfictional Omnipresence, Personal fictional Omnipresence, and Impersonal fictional Omnipresence.

2. Nonfictional Omniscience, Transfictional Omniscience, Fanfictional Omniscience, Metafictional Omniscience, Patafictional Omniscience, Interfictional Omniscience, Personal fictional Omniscience, and Impersonal fictional Omniscience.

3. Nonfictional Omniarch, Transfictional Omniarch, Fanfictional Omniarch, Metafictional Omniarch, Patafictional Omniarch, Interfictional Omniarch, Personal fictional Omniarch, and Impersonal fictional Omniarch.

4. Nonfictional Omnifarious, Transfictional Omnifarious, Fanfictional Omnifarious, Metafictional Omnifarious, Patafictional Omnifarious, Interfictional Omnifarious, Personal fictional Omnifarious, and Impersonal fictional Omnifarious.

5. Nonfictional Omnilock, Transfictional Omnilock, Fanfictional Omnilock, Metafictional Omnilock, Patafictional Omnilock, Interfictional Omnilock, Personal fictional Omnilock, and Impersonal fictional Omnilock.

6. Nonfictional Omnicounter, Transfictional Omnicounter, Fanfictional Omnicounter, Metafictional Omnicounter, Patafictional Omnicounter, Interfictional Omnicounter, Personal fictional Omnicounter, and Impersonal fictional Omnicounter.

7. Nonfictional Omniconmpetence, Transfictional Omniconmpetence, Fanfictional Omniconmpetence, Metafictional Omniconmpetence, Patafictional Omniconmpetence, Interfictional Omniconmpetence, Personal fictional Omniconmpetence, and Impersonal fictional Omniconmpetence.

8. Nonfictional Omninegation, Transfictional Omninegation, Fanfictional Omninegation, Metafictional Omninegation, Patafictional Omninegation, Interfictional Omninegation, Personal fictional Omninegation, and Impersonal fictional Omninegation.

0. Nonfictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Transfictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Fanfictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Metafictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Patafictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Interfictional Inverse-Omnipotence, Personal fictional Inverse-Omnipotence, and Impersonal fictional Inverse-Omnipotence.


Within the midnight black sheath that Nikkou carries is her kodachi Kuronatsu. Her blade can perfectly cut through the realms of the material and immaterial. It’s special because it can hit or slice through any target instantly, regardless of its possibility or nothingness. Wherever or whatever her target is, her blade will instantly close the gap between point A and point B to instantly slay her target, negating its presence.

It was also revealed that there was a heavy principle behind the phenomena of her sword.

- Regeneration: When half of her actualism was transmuted into an anti-code, her existence was removed from the story. However, her Kuronatsu instantly regenerates her to the point that one would never know that their effect even reached her.

In Re; Melodybind ~ Kaleidoscope:

- Nikkou Hibana is able to draw her Kuronatsu, causing a mere swing of her sword to releases a wave of para-metalogical theories, with each theory stretching beyond any conceptuality of possibility, nothingness and totality.

- In an unchanging parapremetamoment, Nikkou Hibana is able to draw her Kuronatsu and deliver a gentle thrust beyond all directions with such force that surrounding Plot / Verse/ Story shifted.