Michael Cougar Reigns
Michael Cougar Reigns
“My name is Michael Reigns; prepared to be reigned upon.”
Photo Novel Swan Song
Physiology Unknown
Height 6'1
Weight 166 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Gurētokyatto (Brothers)
Love Interests None
Affiliation Gurētokyatto
Michael Reigns is a Gurētokyatto that appears in the title Swan Song. He is one of the six main characters that follows the little ebony cat into the unknown.


Michael Reigns is first introduced on Jupiter 3, when he encountered the little ebony cat. Soon, he followed the little ebony cat into a wormhole. At the end of the wormhole, Michael Reigns appeared in an alternate reality, which then he was encountered by Scintilla.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Radio Waves: Michael Reigns can unleash a series of generated radio waves that disrupts the particles of conceptual being, breaking the target down into less than subatomic particles. 

  • Michael Reigns can mentally use radio-waves to manipulate asteroids, meteors, and comets that all have the mass and energy of the Sun to attack.

Discharge: Michael Reigns can unleash a series of discharges of electricity. 

Electomagnetic Waves Emission: Michael Reigns can unleash a massive wave of electromagnetic energy to completely eradicate every aspect of a conceptual being.

Algorithmic Calculation: Michael Reigns can process the existence of a target with a transfinite amount of algorithmic calculations in a single quantum second. Then, he can trigger a single thought that completely vacates the existence of the target.

Enhanced Durability: Michael Reigns didn’t even notice that an entire Metaverse (filled an infinite collection of infinite universes within it) had been completely annihilated onto him.

Reality Immunity: Michael Reigns is affected by the effects of reality warping.

*Warming Up When Michael Reigns was merely warming up his abilities, he demonstrated the following feats:

- In a parallel universe, Michael Reigns manipulated the electromagnetic spectrum to use radio waves to make air pressure to create a massive tornado covering an entire planet, causing all life on the planet to be wiped out.

- In another parallel universe, Michael Reigns used radio waves to disrupt the souls of every one on the planet Jupiter, completely shutting down the consciousness’ of every being there.

- In another parallel universe, Michael Reigns reflected the photons coming to multiple Galaxies, completely covering worlds into total darkness. However, he turned the darkness into pure negative energy, completely cancelling them out.

- In one more parallel reality, Michael Reigns used high frequencies to drop the temperatures of an entire Galaxy to Absolute Zero.

Dual ExistenceEdit

Puma Concolor

Puma Concolor

Michael Reigns shares a dual existence with Puma Concolor. Puma Concolor is a Great Cat that has transcended the bounds of time, space, and causality.

The Little Ebony Cat and The Chaos Queen explained that this dual existence is known as their "Pride" and represents the transcendent existences that appear in the form of Great Cats that follows alongside each of the Gurētokyatto (Great Cat).

Each Great Cat follows a certain Gurētokyatto member everywhere and anywhere within and outside of the Continuum. They are physically, mentally, spiritually, temporally, dimensionally, and conceptually linked with their specific masters. They are the very soul and core of their masters. However, they are separate from their masters too. This means that if you erase their master, it will not affect their Pride, since they do not exist within the confines of time, space, nature, causality, physical law and reality.