Lamont Heartfelt Vanity
"My name is Lamont, and although we are back to before, we are no longer within the days of future’s past."
Photo Novel Glory of the Defeated,


Physiology Paradox
Height 5'9
Weight 198 lbs.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Exists and Nonexistent (simultaneously)
Gender Male
Family Christopher Sincere Pride (Brother),

Deneé Vainglory (Sister),

Love Interests Capri Vanity (Wife)
Affiliation Uniform
Lamont Heartfelt Vanity is one of the two main protagonist characters that appears in the series Solecism. He is the little brother of Christopher Sincere Pride, and he is a paradox of the highest order. To see his true existence, go here. To see the principle behind the reality of the former, go here.


Part I

In the year 9412 A.A. (After Advent), Lamont and his brother Sincere were known for venturing across the world, waking up those who have fallen asleep. Lamont and Sincere found themselves walking through a desert, looking for a nearby town. Apparently, they had been out of work for a while, and they had been without food for days. They eventually come across a city; only to find out that there was someone who had fallen asleep within the city. They see this as a way to get some money and some food; maybe even a place to rest. However, a group known as Blue Rose had appeared to fix the paradox, which they could not allow.

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Part II

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Part IV

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Part V - Prelude

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Pharos of the End

Lamont returns in the chapter "Enter the Storm III" in the 3rd volume of Pharos of the End II. He reunites with his brother, as the two discuss what they've been up to. The two shared a large laugh as they had fully tricked every cosmic ensemble that they had ventured through till this point. The brothers reveal that a large majority of their story had been staged on a critical level in order to reach The Art Gallery in order to gain The Black Universe. As the substitute of creator of Heir to the Stars, Lamont demonstrated that he possessed power over all over stories written till that point. Unfortunately, their victory was short experienced as Xeranthemum made an actual appearance before two brother, fully removing them from ever being...

Continued Story...

The Black Monarch, alongside The Silver Devil and The Hall of Seven Echoes appeared to challenge ♠The Ace of Spades♠. The Black Monarch slayed the former creator Suggsverse, not even attempting to reach the concept of effort.

Later, The Black Monarch reached a new zenith of himself, reaching The Lion's Den. It is here, he is confronted by Ultimania vé Shion - LCS 2.

In Eternityscape M, The Black Monarch was confronted by one of the royal guards of ♠The Ace of Spades♠ - X56S. While the battle is unwritten, it ended in The Black Monarch's victory. Later, he is seen as Teardrop comes together, with The Black Monarch taking the role of leader.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

*This is Lamont through the Solecism books

Lamont Heartfelt Vanity is an observer anomaly who can wield power from the higher dimension, above The All.

Inverted World: Lamont Heartfelt Vanity has an ultimate defense known as Inverted World (or Spiritual Interference / Quantum Entanglement). Through this defense; up and down, left and right as well as forward and backward are opposite. It is not just the sense of direction that is changed; all senses and vectors are also inverted. The effects of a target that targets him on a physical, mental and spiritual level are also inverted. It's similar to that of a mirror. His ability involves quantum entanglement, which is a form of quantum superposition. However, he carries a dual existence that manipulates the inverted world automatically onto him. Through his ability, he is virtually untouchable.

Lamont's paradoxical reality is unique, as he exists as a dual existence. The other half of his existence exists outside of time and space; outside of the fabrics of reality.

However, it seems that beings who utilize effects that are not of THE ALL are able to bypass his Inverted World.

Enhanced Resistance: When the strings of reality tried to unweave Lamont, reality itself proved to be ineffective against him.

Enhanced Endurance: Even when his powers are deactivated, he is able endure attacks with an infinite amount of force behind them, as well as attacks with more than an infinite amount of force behind them.

Quantum Jumping: Lamont has shown the ability to quantum jump across a centillion amount of universes in a quantum frame of time.

*This is Lamont during Pharos of the End.

The Black Monarch was hailed as ♠The Ace of Spades♠ at this point, solely governing over The Art Gallery, and fully encompassing over the Suggsverse.

*This is Lamont through the Continued Story arc.

By the end of this arc, Lamont's power had jumped to the zenith of Heir to the Stars.

Beyond the Identity: When the Possibility, Totality, and Nothingness of The Black Monarch was cut down; completely sliced in actuality and potentiality of that which is forever the largest article conceptualized and imagined by any mind, and going even deeper, transcending and slashing down that which cannot even be imagined and conceptualized by any mind – the very essence of The Black Monarch, he was able to maintain his "Self".

Beyond Deus ex Machina: When the origin of all definitions where absolutely anything is possible was cut down, turning The Black Monarch into a simple impossibility within and outside of the Context and Paratext of the Story / Plot / Verse, The Black Monarch caught the effect.

True SupraexistenceEdit

Lamont Heartfelt Vanity exists as an Inverted World (or Spiritual Interference / Quantum Entanglement). Because of the fact that the effects of a target that targets him on a physical, mental and spiritual level are inverted, he is similar to that of a reflection principle. He exists as a reflection principle encoded with quantum entanglement, which is a form of quantum superposition.

This means that he is constantly reflecting Possibility and Nothingness back onto itself, literally forcing principles and concepts back onto themselves. This is very dangerous, as he is constantly removing Totalities from ever being... He has to constantly reflect himself onto himself, or could cause irreparable damage onto the Heir to the Stars Cosmic Ladder, which will gain him attention of some unwanted foes.


  • Lamont Heartfelt Vanity was selected by ♠The Ace of Spades♠ to be his temporary replacement, while The Ace of Spades searched for a true successor.
  • Lamont was once married to Sissi Torres and Angelica Heavensend (whom he had Hope Vanity with), but yet both events and recollection of information never existed. His brother altered probability to erase his memories and the event of the first, and Lamont personally erased the events of the second (although Angelica retained the memories).

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