Infamous Jaguar
Infamous Jaguar
“I guess your Omniscience isn’t absolute either…”
Photo Novel Swan Song
Physiology Unknown
Height 6'2
Weight 178 lbs.
Eye Color Hazel
Hair Color Jet Black
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Fully Transcendent
Gender Male
Family Gurētokyatto (Brothers)
Love Interests None
Affiliation Gurētokyatto

Infamous is a Gurētokyatto that appears in the title Swan Song. He is one of the six main characters that follows the little ebony cat into the unknown.


Infamous is introduced in Swan Song in the heat of battle, when he endured an execution of a septillion amount of distinct attacks within a picosecond onto. Each attack obliterated an entire Galaxy. After Amy Anarchist achieved Omnipotence, Omnipresence, and Omniscience within the Omniverse, becoming the All above the All, Infamous broke the logic and foundations of the absolute infinite itself. He found the core of her very transcendent existence that lies outside of the reach of Nothing and All Possibility. This allowed him to generate an event that reached past the End of Infinity, completely enveloping Amy Anarchist in a luminous explosion that broke through her timeless and endless existence. After that, the little ebony cat appeared, to lead him astray...

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Electron-positron Annihilation: This is an annihilation attack.

Neutral pion Decay: Rays of light disintegrates his target into nihility.

Radioactive Decay: Particles of light surround a target, causing the target to wither into nihility. 

Radioactive Fusion: He mentally causes a Galactic event explosion, returning a target to void. 

Radioactive Fission: He causes a Galactic explosion event of pure radiance, which eliminats his target into null.   

Inverse Compton Scattering: He completely breaks down a target's very being into nothingness.

Gamma-ray Burst: He can excite an energetic explosion which becomes the most luminous electromagnetic event known to occur in the universe. When he did this, 97% of the infinite Universe had been completely erased by the radiance and the effects of the Gamma-ray Burst. However, the Gamma-ray Burst attacks the target on hundreds of different levels, even on separate planes of reality. Infamous can event unleash an Omniversal Gamma-ray Burst event that attacks on all planes of existence.

Defeat Negation: Because Infamous does not understand what defeat really is, it will never reach him. When Amy Anarchist became a Supreme Being, her mere will attacked him on an infinite amount of planes of reality. Her mere presence was literally unmaking Infamous completely. However, because he could not understand defeat, he could not be defeated by even a fully transcendent Omnipotent Being.

Dual ExistenceEdit

Panthera onca

Panthera Onca

Infamous shares a dual existence with Panthera Onca. Panthera Onca is a Great Cat that has transcended the bounds of time, space, and causality.

The Little Ebony Cat and The Chaos Queen explained that this dual existence is known as their "Pride" and represents the transcendent existences that appear in the form of Great Cats that follows alongside each of the Gurētokyatto (Great Cat).

Each Great Cat follows a certain Gurētokyatto member everywhere and anywhere within and outside of the Continuum. They are physically, mentally, spiritually, temporally, dimensionally, and conceptually linked with their specific masters. They are the very soul and core of their masters. However, they are separate from their masters too. This means that if you erase their master, it will not affect their Pride, since they do not exist within the confines of time, space, nature, causality, physical law and reality.

Panthera Onca is unchanged and unaffected by events that occur on an Omniversal scale and beyond. Although he is a very lazy Great Cat, he is very observant.