“Curiosity kills the cat.”
Photo Novel Swan Song
Physiology Destruction Incarnate
Height 5'4
Weight 100 lbs
Eye Color White
Hair Color White
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Unknown
Gender Female
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation Inception

Fervent is a being of annihilation, first introduced in Swan Song. She is a transcendent existence that wishes for The All to return to absolute nothingness. Because of the imbalances in the Omniverse, Fervent seeks to erase The All… and everything else within, beyond and above it.


Fervent first appears after Prodigy appears from a parallel unvierse, following a little ebony cat. Seeing that Prodigy was just a part of a world that will return to nothingness, her only desire was to return him to nothingness. To be fair, her only desire was to return everything into nothingness. She had got her wish, when she returned the entirety of the Omniverse into 0 with her will. However, her victory was short experienced as Prodigy defeated her.

Fervent came into existence moments before the Big Bang. She is above the realms and small concepts of life, death, time, space, causality and eternity.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Fervent is the harbinger of destruction, and her capabilities do more than elaborate her nature and purpose. She described her power as "My power is to absolutely destroy the state functions and the fundamental entities of the modes of existence. I can completely break down the state function of any mode of existence."

- Enhanced Rections: In her encounter with Prodigy, when he attacked Fervent with a centillion on top of centillion amount of punches in a single attosecond, she was able to effortlessly block each and every punch. (Her attention was elsewhere…)

- Space-time Manipulation: Fervent can fold time and space. - Fervent can mentally manipulate the underlying ground, which holds all the possible configurations of all matter, energy, physical laws, and the wave function that describe the probabilities of those configurations.

- Empty World: Universal Wave Function Collapse: With this technique, the infinite universe in its entirety completely collapses into null, along with all metaphysical transfinite adjacent quantum configurations of it.

- She is able to activate a Universal Wave Function Collapse at any moment, which can completely eliminate an infinite amount of sets of ensembles of infinite Multiverses at the same time in a quantum second.

- Fervent literally opened up her hand, which contained an infinite set of infinite universes in the fullest sense. The structure of this infinite Multiverse was built to contain various provinces. The primary provinces were Concept, Value, Self, Soul, Pattern, Astral, Mental, Physical, and of course Being. The given names -- Concept, Value, Self, Soul, Pattern, Astral, Mental, Physical, and Being for the provinces are nothing more than relative names in different planes of existence. It is like how the body is to the heart, or how the soul is to the mind. Each possess an individual dimensional space-time axis, but as a sum total, they are primary elements that form one mode of existence. Although their existing roles and functions are different in each dimension due to their difference in their structures, each province is indispensable to each other and necessary to each other. Altogether, they form a single infinite universe as a complete ensemble. With a structure such as this, a mere corruption and collapse of one province will apply an effect on the others as well. Fervent can close her hand, completely collapsing the infinite Multiverse…

- Transcendent Existence: Her existence was described as having no boundaries. She has no provinces. She has no separate planes of reality. She is Divine Simplicity in its truest sense. She is strictly personal. She is outside of space and time. She is outside of reality.

- Complete End: Through her will, she can completely split and deviate the structure of the infinite Omniverse. In Planck Epoch, 4/10ths of the Omniverse will be gone. In an attosecond, 8/10ths of the Omniverse disappears.

In her appearance, she did the following all at once:

- Fervent mentally burned off the Earth's atmosphere…

- She then mentally drained the life from the next Earth, stripping it bare!

- On another Earth, she wiped out everything on the surface with a mere thought.

- In another dimension, she reversed the magnetic poles of the Earth.

- In another dimension, she raped the minds and consciousness of every sentient being within all quantum dimensions and beyond.

- In the next dimension, she mentally reduced all life in creation to its most base levels.