Coup de grâce “Havoc”
Coup de grâce “Havoc”
“Good morning, my name is Coup de grâce, but you may just acknowledge my existence as simply Havoc.”
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars
Physiology Massless Particles / Absolute Zero Temperature
Height 5'8
Weight Massless
Eye Color Dark Blue
Hair Color Icy White
Age Inapplicable
Birth Date Inapplicable
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family Unknown
Love Interests None
Affiliation Asahi
Coup de grâce “Havoc” is a character introduced in Heir to the Stars. He is one of the Agents of Hibana; a subgroup of Asahi.


Havoc is part of Asahi, working in their subgroup as one of the Agents of Hibana. In Heir to the Stars, he was one of the presented trials for Chris Spades. In the end, he was defeated when Chris Spades stopped the entire story. Every page flipped backwards to the point where no nothing or possibility ever was.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Havoc is a master of cryokinesis and presence.

Cryokinesis: Havoc mastery over generating and manipulating ice and cold.

  • Cage of Ice: Havoc can generate a cage of ice in which the temperature is magnitudes lower than below Absolute Zero. However, he is unaffected by being under these effects (which is revealed because he actually a part of the temperature itself).
  • Absolute Zero: Havoc can lower the trans-actualism temperature past subzero levels, until it eventually reaches Absolute Zero. Everything within the area completely crumbles into nothingness. In almost an instant, the entire area will be that of the ground state; zero-point. When this ability was utilized, it was estimated that his range covered that of two Teraverses.

Meta-Logic Barrier: Havoc is able to break the logic barrier and fold space. When he utilized this, he hid his essence within the light particles in the area.

Enhanced Presence: Havoc can punch at a level beyond the necessity of speed of a trillions times.

Enhanced Endurance: This is shown when Havoc had his form and conception reconfigured backwards to the point of where he could not have even been conceived, only to regenerate before the moment could change.


Havoc comes equipped with Absolute Zero temperature gloves. These gloves are able to amplify his cryokinesis abilities, allowing him to reach temperatures with magnitudes lower than below Absolute Zero…