Cor Leonis
Cor leonis by ladymiralys-d90w4kp
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars II
Physiology Fully Transcendent
Height 4'7
Weight 110 lbs
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Silver
Age 8
Birth Date August 18
Status Unknown
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation None

Cor Leonis is an Heir to the Stars that was introduced in Heir to the Stars II.


Cor Leonis was introduced on the planet Hellmouth, engaged in a battle with Waltz. However, it was explained that right after the Emperor and Legato left, Cor Leonis approached Waltz. He had destroyed his home world by commanding darkness to omnipotently devoid his planet of everything, which instigated the fight between the two. The fight quickly escaled from universal level to Omniversal level, and then beyond... The story comes to its conclusion when Waltz plays his final symphony.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Dark Lightning: Cor Leonis can erect leader lightning bolts of solid darkness that hits a target instantly.

Absolute Darkness: Cor Leonis can literally command darkness to omnipotently swallow up a target.

Dark Veil: Unconsciously, darkness veils Cor Leonis completely, negating any damage done to him.

Darkness: Cor Leonis can command space-time to bend. He can then manipulate a faintness darker than black and quantum gravity to form a void that devours everything. He creates a gravitational pull so dense that not even light can escape its pull, and it reduces the entirety of the Omniverse into nothingness. Darkness encompasses and consumes the infinite collection of all possible infinite universes, with all possible laws of physics. The collection of every single mode of existence and nonexistence; every timeline, reality, dimension, plane (alternate, micro, virtual, or pocket) and realm is consumed by the darkness instantly. Every form of existence ever mentioned or seen (and the infinitely infinite amount never mentioned, seen, or even conceived of yet…) will be swallowed up by the megastructure void of darkness.

Cloak of Darkness: Cor Leonis can manipulate the systems of darkness that exist outside of change and the Allscape, which was outside of all Omniverses, to cloak himself within the darkness. He becomes completely invisible and immaterial to all systems outside of any known system.

Vector Reflection: Cor Leonis is surrounded by a four-dimensional field that covers all angles around him that reflects and dissipates all vectors.