The First Chaos Queen
Cassandra Schwanengesang
Photo Novel Guidepost to Tomorrow,

Heir to the Stars: Overture

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Cassandra Schwanengesang is a fully transcendent character in and outside of the Suggsverse that is mentioned by The Ace of Spades. She was the first who carried the title as The Chaos Queen, with the current being Praé. She is a being with authority and power over The Mainfold. She is mentioned in Heir to the Stars: Overture, and first appears in Guidepost to Tomorrow.


In Heir to the Stars: Overture, her history is revealed by The Ace of Spades. He wrote a script once about a being named Cassandra Schwanengesang. She was greater than any Overture and Finalé. She was "The Chaos Queen"; the be-all and end-all of all Omniverses… She was the sister of Mother Nature, but she turned her back on the totality of all Infinities. Just like a swan, she sang during her time in life, but she only sang so beautifully to existence just before she died. However, she never had a beginning or an end. As she sung her final lament, she left with the presence of five remnants of her very being. She was titled the Chaos Queen because chaos is the most beautiful song before death.

Cassandra makes her first official appearance in the Guidepost to Tomorrow series.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Chaos Queen's power was greater than any Overture and Finalé.