Armonioso by ladymiralys-d8wemm2
Photo Novel Heir to the Stars II
Physiology Fairy
Height 9'0
Weight 30 trillion tons
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Inapplicable
Age Unknown
Birth Date Unknown
Status Erased
Gender Male
Family None
Love Interests None
Affiliation None

Armonioso “The Momentary Gleam” is a fairy from Heir to the Stars II.


Armonioso is a fairy that was first introduced on the Warpath planet. Although his role was short lived, he made quite an impression. He severed as the first opponent for Waltz and Tenerezza. The battle was really short, and it is because of Armonioso that the Warpath in all quantum configurations of reality no longer exists. Tenerezza eventually defeats Armonioso, ending his chapter. When Waltz asked Tenerezza if there was a reason to truly take the sound of his life out of existence, she merely replied “His fate was in my hands ever since he was born. By attacking me, he chose to stop existing. I merely helped him out.”

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Lightspeed: Armonioso’s attacks all move at a constant speed of c.     

Ultraviolet Light: Armonioso can fire an array of destructive ultraviolet light towards a target.

  • He can unleash a stream of ultraviolet light to collide with his target in a Planck second, breaking down the subatomic structure of the target on a quantum level.

Storm of Particles: He can generate a shower of high energy particles and antiparticles. Then, he fires them onto his target at the speed of c, vaporizing the target. When he did this, he took out 1/5th of the planet too (Planet's statistics: The mean diameter is 7999 x Earth. The equatorial radius is 799 x Earth. The surface area is 96,616 x Earth. The volume is 2,760,000 x Earth. The mass is 900,900 x Earth).

Gamma Rays: Armonioso can generate gamma rays to vaporize a target's electrons, as well as dispersing and unmaking the target's atomic nuclei and structure.

  • Armonioso can generate high energy gamma rays to completely vaporize a target's complete form and substance.

Sword of Light: Armonioso can generate a shining sword made out of light that possesses the force of life. The blade is extremely sharp, besides the fact that it is made out of massless particles. He is able to hit a tredecillion amount of slashes with his radiant sword onto a target in a quantum second.

Space of Light: Armonioso can engulf a target in an infinite amount of space in a finite locked area of blinding and paralyzing light.

Molecular Manipulation: Armonioso can use light to manipulate the molecular vibration of a target's structure to break them apart. 

After breaking his limits of power, Armonioso gains a level of velocity that is faster than accelerating tachyons, which allows him to break the logic barrier.

High Energy Tachyon Particles: He can gather high energy tachyon particles around his right palm, and then fire a high energy gamma ray that literally and effortlessly vaporizes entire planets (he vaporized the planet Warpath), breaking the quantum barrier, and annihilating all adjacent targets (in this case, it was the planet Warpath) within all alternate timelines, realities and dimensions.