7 Trials to Glory (a.k.a Glories)

1. Gods

2. Titans and Towers

3. Universal Abstracts

4. Wavescapes

5. Ultra Vires (Beyond Powers)

6. Veritas (Truth)

7. Semper Excelsius (Always Higher)

“You see, there are 7 Trials to Glory. The Gods are the first. The Titans/Towers are the second level, even stronger than the first. The Universal Abstracts are next stronger hierarchy. The Wavescapes encompasses the prior three. Once we get to the fifth, there is the Ultra Vires (Beyond Powers). The sixth Glory -- Veritas (Truth) is the next highest stage. At the highest of the high, The Semper Excelsius (Always Higher) arrogantly sits at the top of the mountain. The 7 Trials are merely a stepping stone.” - Crown

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